2021 Ingredient Food Trends

2020 was a difficult year for us all to say the least. More than ever people were turning to food as a means of comfort, with a focus on better health and wellbeing. This trend seems to be continuing on into 2021, while also keeping the health of our planet and bank accounts in mind.

Here is what Everson Spice is calling the 2021 Ingredient Food Trends.

Herbs, Roots & Mushrooms

These high-nutrient, earthy ingredients are packed full of adaptogens and vitamins. Studies have shown that higher consumption of mushrooms directly correlates to preventing fat disposition and lowering triglycerides.

Plant-Based Everything

New technologies have brought “plant-based” from under the shadow of soy based afterthoughts. From burgers to queso to canned tuna, these options are only gaining space at the market level.

Plant Jerky

Burgers, cheese and fish alternatives are not the only thing getting a plant makeover. Plant-based Jerky is the perfect snack for people looking to cut back meat while still enjoying the umami flavor of jerky. Coconut, mushroom, eggplant, and squash will be the leaders in Plant Jerky, also known as “leathers.”

Spreads & Butters

Expect to see more seed varietals on the shelf in 2021. No longer is macadamia nut butter the exciting flavor. Pumpkin, poppy and sesame are expected to hit the shelfs with a bang.

Cooking Oils

Canola and Soybean oil just don’t cut it anymore. Now more than ever people are experimenting with their cooking oil. Expect a rise in coconut, avocado, sunflower seed and even pumpkin seed.


With a rise in popularity of Indian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisines, chickpeas will become all the more present as an easy and affordable addition to all types of dishes.

Alternative Sugars

No, not “Sweet & Low” or “Equal.” Real, unrefined sweeteners are going to be the trend in 2021. Expect to see substitutes in white sugar with turbinado, coconut, monk fruit, maple, honey or agave.

Unusual Flavors

Why call it “cherry” when you could say “acerola?” We are seeing a trend in unique combinations and verbiage, especially in the snack group. White Cola, Green Tea Kit Kat, and Mountain Dew Cheetos are just a few.

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