Our Company Story

Blending Quality & Innovation Since 1987

Our company story begins in 1987 when two brothers by the names of Kim and Tom Everson, along with Ken Hopkins, were inspired to start their own business after working for their father’s distribution company that catered to markets and grocers.  Feeling as if they were already in the seasoning business, the brothers were on the hunt to create their own unique spice blends to complement the different natural flavors of life.

Today, Everson Spice Company is more than just a seasoning company. With over 30 years of experience we offer a variety of high-quality and flavorful seasonings, marinades, breading, and so much more, across the United States directly into the hearts and mouths of your friends and families. We lead the industry in providing innovative, current & emerging flavor profile trends to help keep our offerings fresh and tasty!

Everson Spice goes above and beyond in every opportunity presented to prove to you that we are the best in the flavor business. Our specialties are on-trend and efficient ideation, menu development, and innovation, working with you the entire way to keep you updated on all the latest consumer demands while also strategically keeping your business one step ahead of the competition to maintain excitement among your consumer base. We do everything in our power to set you up for success to best take care of your customers’ culinary needs. Let us create something for you and “Spice Up Your Life!”

Our Services

Everson Spice Co. is a custom seasoning company dedicated to creativity, quality, food safety and service. Our flavor profiles are proven best sellers. We want to help you deliver unique and innovative flavors to your customers. At Everson Spice we want to “Spice Up Your Life!”